Delivered by PostNL

Your order will be shipped with PostNL. Once your order is processed you will receive a Track&Trace code so you can track it online.

Delivery time

Each product has the expected delivery date listed in green letters:

✓ weekday / day / month

This delivery date usually changes at 3 p.m. on weekdays. The expected delivery date is also mentioned in the order confirmation. At the top right of this page, in the gray bar above our logo, you will find a note next to the date if due to busy or unplanned maintenance, the deadline changes. If the print shop is closed due to the vacation season, it will be announced well in advance via a black bar under our logo.

Note: We will deliver your package to PostNL on time. Because you also depend on them for timely delivery, we refer to it as an expected delivery date. Although we would like to, this is not a guaranteed date. We simply have no control over that. Printed textiles cannot be returned for this reason. Keep that in mind. PostNL’s delivery reliability is between 91% and 96%. (Source: Postnl)

Pick up your package at a PostNL

Little at home? Then have your package delivered to a PostNL point near you. This delivery option allows you to pick up the package yourself. In fact, with over 3650 pickup points throughout the Netherlands and 800 points in Belgium, there is always one nearby. We do not charge a surcharge for pickup at a PostNL point.

Pick up in Ede

In order not to depend on PostNL, you can also pick up your order in Ede (Gelderland). We do not charge a fee for this. When your order is ready you will receive notification of this as well as a pin code for the lock of the collection locker next to our entrance. This pickup safe is available 24/7. You can then pick up your order at your convenience. The delivery date then becomes the pickup date.

T-shirt afhaalpunt

Why no more free shipping?

We no longer offer free shipping because somehow the ever-increasing costs incurred in shipping and packaging do have to be paid for. We do not think it is fair to pass on these costs in our T-shirts. Thus, someone who ordered more T-shirts would also have ended up paying more for shipping costs.

Shipping abroad

Shipping abroadWe ship to all countries within the EU, the United States, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. Your order will then take a little longer to arrive but is easy to follow via the Track&Trace you receive from us when your order is on its way.

  • Belgium €11.95
  • Bulgaria €45.
  • Cyprus €26.95
  • Denmark €18.95
  • Germany €10.95
  • Estonia €27.95
  • Finland €24.95
  • France €15.50
  • Greece €27.95
  • Hungary €23.95
  • Ireland €23.95
  • Italy €16.95
  • Croatia €25.95
  • Latvia €27.95
  • Lithuania €27.95
  • Luxembourg €15.95
  • Malta €29.95
  • Netherlands €6.25
  • Netherlands Antilles €36.95
  • Austria €16.95
  • Poland €23.95
  • Portugal €18.95
  • Romania €33.95
  • Slovenia €25.95
  • Slovakia €21.95
  • Spain €13.95
  • Suriname €36.95
  • Czech Republic €21.95
  • Sweden €23.95
  • United States €31.95

sustainably delivered

Eco-friendly packaging

By default, your order will be shipped in a brown unprinted box or mailbox box made of recycled cardboard. There is no invoice, packing slip, flyer or other advertising material in the box. For larger orders, we reuse our manufacturers’ cardboard boxes. The packaging can go in the waste paper.