• Always turn the garment inside out first*
  • Wash printed clothing at up to 40 degrees.
  • Do not use detergent with bleach in it.
  • Turn the garment inside out when ironing.
  • Never iron directly on the print (1)
  • Preferably do not put the clothes in the dryer (2).
  • Do not have your printed clothes dry cleaned. Although your clothes will be clean nicely, it is a process that uses a lot of chemicals that are bad for the environment, but can also be bad for your clothes.

(1) Do you still want to iron the image because it came out of the wash wrinkled, for example?

If so, to protect the print, preferably place a sheet of baking paper over the print. If you don’t have baking paper, a tea towel will do the trick.

(2) What should you pay attention to when drying your clothes?

Don’t put too much laundry in dryer at once, that way you avoid clothes getting tangled and therefore wearing out during drying. Do not set a time when drying, but use automatic programs where the dryer always uses the correct settings to prevent shrinkage or wear.

Fabrics such as cotton will do just fine in the dryer. Sweaters, however, for example, also contain finer fabrics such as polyester. So many people wonder about the best way to wash these clothes. Depending on how you like to care for your clothes, you may choose to hang certain fabrics outside on the clothesline or inside on the drying rack. But today, dryers are advanced enough to dry a variety of fine fabrics without shrinking or damaging them.