T-shirt design and printing

T-shirt design and printing is very easy with our design program. For example, upload images and photos or add text. Get inspired by our database full of royalty-free icons and cartoons, choice of over a million images! Follow us on Facebook. There, with some frequency, you’ll find a coupon that entitles you to a discount at checkout.

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How we print your T-shirt

First, the design is printed on a transparent PET film with water-based textile ink. This printer can also print white ink, either as a separate color EPD or as an (additional) undercoat, if needed. A special glue powder is then distributed over the ink with a shaker. The powder then remains only in the areas actually printed.

Finally, the powdered transfer goes through an infrared drying tunnel. This causes the glue to fuse with the ink. The transfer is then ready for the printing press. Finally, the press briefly liquefies the transfer under high pneumatic pressure and heat so that your design will adhere well to the textile at the same time. DTF transfers are very thin and flexible and therefore not inferior to an (expensive) silk screen transfer. White colored textiles are directly printed (DTG) with water-based textile ink.

own label t-shirt printing Private Label T-shirt Designing

Maybe you dream of having your own clothing line. We can make that dream come true. However, you do not have to order a large print run for this. You can just do that from one copy. This gender neutral T-shirt is available in as many as 17 colors and 5 sizes. For sale or just for yourself. In full color, at no extra cost, but one color such as white is also possible. There are almost no limitations and the smallest details can also be printed. This Private label T-shirt is also a responsible T-shirt due to the water-based ink. Order what you need, however, ordering a large run is not necessary. This way, you are never left with a stockpile, which is environmentally friendly.

T-shirt designing and printing with online design programDatabase of millions of images

In our shop you will find different T-shirts, sweaters, baseball caps, sport shirts and polo shirts. But how this one ends up being is up to you! For this, you use the design program. Upload your logos, photos or add your text. Choice of 17 fonts and 22 printing colors. Or be inspired by Pixabay’s database of more than a million images. To do so, click on the “Image” tab and then the “Pixabay” tab. We then print your unique product in our own print shop. We do this in an environmentally friendly way with water-based textile inks.

T-shirt printing and shipping abroad

Shipping abroad

Do you live abroad and need T-shirts for your business there, for example, are you unfamiliar with the local textile printer or communication is difficult? We ship to all countries within the EU, United States, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. After an automatic check, an intra-community (EU) delivery without VAT may also be possible. It doesn’t even have to be that expensive. Shipping to Spain, for example, costs only €13.95. More information…

sustainably delivered T-shirt design sustainably delivered

We think it is enormously important to combat global warming as much as possible. Therefore, we deliver all orders door-to-door with net zeroCO2 emissions. So how do we offset our carbon emissions? We offset theCO2 we still emit by buying Gold Standard credits. With these credits, we invest in environmentally friendly projects in developing countries. Such as projects to install wind turbines or solar panels or plant new forests. The Gold Standard is a high quality standard monitored by organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund(WWF).

Source: PostNL

Want to get a T-shirt printed today? Then order this Rush T-shirt on weekdays before 3 p.m. and pick it up in Ede after only 2 hours. When your order is ready you will receive notification of this as well as a pin code for the lock of the collection locker next to our entrance. This pickup safe is available 24/7. If you have it shipped, you can expect it the very next business day.