We print all T-shirts and other textiles in our own printing facility in Ede. For this, we use only water-based ink.

Nieuwe druktechniek T-shirtsonline

1. Direct To Film – DTF

We print your design with textile ink on a transparent PET film. This printer can also print white ink, either as a separate color or as an (additional) undercoat, if needed. A special glue powder is then distributed over the ink with a shaker. This powder remains only in the areas where it was actually printed. Then the powdered transfer is placed on a hot plate for a few minutes. This causes the glue to fuse with the ink. The transfer is now ready for the printing press. This heat press briefly liquefies the transfer under high pneumatic pressure so that your design will adhere very well to the textile. DTF transfers are very thin and flexible and are not inferior to an (expensive) silk screen transfer.

Uitstekende wasresultaten

What is the washability of DTF decals?

Probably one of the first questions that came to mind, how is the washability of DTF decals? A DTF transfer made with our equipment, ink and glue powder has a maximum washability of 60 degrees. This makes this printing technique suitable not only for fashion, but also for sportswear and even workwear.


How is the elasticity?

DTF decals are very flexible and highly stretchable. You can easily pull the clothing apart without tearing the print. Especially with sports jerseys, it is nice that if the opponent pulls on your shirt, the print of the sponsor and your name and back number will not tear. Also, you won’t suffer from transfers coming off.

DTG printen wit T-shirt

2. Direct To Garment – DTG

All white colored T-shirts and 100% cotton items are directly printed with textile ink using a DTG Printer. All dark colored items consisting of 100% cotton will also be printed by this printer if the design consists of only black colors. This printing technique(Direct To Garment) ensures that the design is pressed deep into the fibers, making it imperceptible. The print is highly elastic and will last many washes.